Courses and Training – Intercultural Communication in Business

Globalizen offers training to help you or your employees being more successful in your interactions with international contacts.

Our trainers all have ample experience with the use of different teaching techniques and training methods, and all our workshops and courses integrate different learning styles.

The core elements of our courses and training are a high degree of interactivity, the use of practical examples, and the immediate applicability of the material in your day to day work.

Courses, Training, Workshops, Presentations …. these terms are often used interchangeably. Globalizen uses these terms in the following situations:


Course in Intercultural Communication

  • Courses are the most comprehensive learning experience that we offer. It combines theoretical background with practical examples and exercises. Courses consist of several modules highlighting different elements of one topic. [read more]

Training Intercultural Communication

  • Trainings are aimed at obtaining practical skills that are immediately applicable in the work place. Trainings are quite comprehensive, you work in small groups, and are highly interactive. [read more]

Workshops & Presentations on Intercultural Communication

  • Workshops & Presentations are shorter and less profound than trainings. They are better suited for larger groups and aimed at creating awareness, knowledge transfer or a general introduction to a particular topic. [read more]

Consultancy on Intercultural Communication

  • We have placed our consultancy services in this section. Consultancy is advice tailored to the specific question and circumstances of an individual or organization, completely focused on the needs and specific situation of that person or organization. [read more]





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