International Business Development

Globalizen can also help you with the practical aspects of doing business internationally.

Especially in the beginning of an internationalization process it can be nice to have someone who gets you started and helps you get a project under way. You’ll learn by doing and over time we will make ourselves redundant because you will obtain the knowledge and experience to maintain and expand your international activities.

Internationalization means becoming active beyond the borders of your own country. In this day and age of globalization, it is a logical step for many entrepreneurs to look beyond their national borders for buying and selling opportunities.


Internationalization has two types of challenges:

  • Firstly, the technical aspect: this comprises applicable laws and regulations, tax issues, logistics and administration. The technical side is largely outside the scope of Globalizen.
  • Secondly, there is the communicative aspect: Business is about people! Even if you create an automated webshop, there is a communicative side. Your customers are in fact people, who have expectations, behavioural patterns, preferences, communication styles, etc.

To be successful you will have to convince the potential customer or supplier that you have/are a good product / service / trading partner. This communicative aspect of internationalization is the expertise of Globalizen!


Internationalization Strategy

In the following sections you can read how we can help you determine your internationalization strategy, find potential clients and / or suppliers, and create a successful website (or online business) for your international activities.