Internationalization Strategy

You take the first step towards internationalization when you start wondering what opportunities for buying and selling there are outside of your country. Here starts the main process: determining a strategy for internationalization.

An internationalization strategy consists of the following components:

  • Market research (Is there market? If so, where? How big is the market? What are the characteristics of the market? What is the competition doing?)
  • Goals (What do I want to achieve?)
  • Action plan (What are we going to do first? Timeline? Budget? Internal organization?)

A strategic plan is the result of thinking about these questions. A plan like this does absolutely not have to be a fifty page document full of big words, however it does need to contain concrete decisions, actions and measurable targets.

Only then you can check along the way and do an evaluation if internationalizing brought what you expected.

Let us help you draw up an internationalization strategy. Our assistance can range from a few hours brainstorming together after which you prepare the strategy yourself, to the market and internal analysis and the writing of a detailed plan by a Globalizen consultant – and everything in between.

The above applies to international selling but also to purchasing. For finding a suitable supplier it is also useful to first clarify your goals for yourself.