Internet Marketing & Strategy

Thanks to the huge rise of the Internet over the past decades, starting with online buying and selling is often possible from the comfort of your own office! This has many advantages, of which cost savings is perhaps the most important one.
At the same time you should not forget that even though you remain in your own office, you have to deal with clients who come from a different culture. Every culture has its own specific rules. If you want to be successful with foreign clients, then you should know what they  expect from your product or service. You cannot copy your local knowledge and experience ‘as is’ to your foreign customers.

Globalizen has extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience in marketing and sales in almost all European countries, and virtually all countries in North and South America. Let us help you adapt your product, service and marketing to suit the needs of your new customers.
In cooperation with partners, we also take care of the practical implementation:

  • Designing a website which from an aesthetic point of view meets the expectations of the customer
  • Building a website that can be SEO-optimized
  • SEO* & SMO** optimization in the most common commercial languages
  • Building and, if desired, maintaining online advertising campaigns
  • Video Marketing

* SEO = Search Engine Optimization
** SMO = Social Media Optimization