Who we are

Anne-Marie Dingemans Perez MBA

Director Globalizen


Cosmopolites with Passion

Everyone who works at Globalizen has lived and worked in at least 4 different countries, and speaks at least 4 languages fluently.

We have personally experienced culture shock, intercultural miscommunication, adjustment problems and lots of funny incidents.

Because we have experienced cultural differences so often, we are fascinated by the extend to which international teams and international business contacts are influenced by cultural ‘rules’.

Naturally we have delved deeper into the matter and we have developed a passion to help others deal with these differences in a positive and successful way.


Business Partners

Globalizen differs from many similar organizations because its consultants all have many years of management experience in international business. We have made our mark in the corporate sector before we made the move to consulting and coaching.
So, we know what your challenges are and we relate to you as one entrepreneur to another. We respect your budget and offer flexible, pragmatic solutions for quick results.

Within Globalizen we still enjoy dealing with the practical side of (international) business. Within the section “international business development” you can see how we can help you in a practical way to sign up that potential customer, create a successful website (or online business) for your international activities, or open a branch office abroad.
Our experience lies mainly in the area of (business) services and the construction industry, in Europe, North and South America and Japan.



Many of the services Globalizen we offer center around sharing information. To do this effectively, you not only need the knowledge, but also teaching skills.

Our trainers are therefore all experienced trainers, we use different teaching techniques and methods, and all our workshops and courses are designed to integrate different learning styles.
The core elements of our courses and training are a high degree of interactivity, the use of practical examples, and the immediate applicability of the material in your day to day work.