Workshop Intercultural Communication

Our workshops are designed to impart relevant information on a topic. The goal of the workshop can be to create awareness, give an overview of a specific topic and/or the transfer of general knowledge.

Workshops and Seminars are designed for groups of between 8 and 30 people. They usually last 2-4 hours, but can be extended up to 1 day in length.

A small selection of our workshops:

  • Intercultural Awareness;
  • Introduction to communicating across cultures;
  • Benefits of a diversity policy;
  • Culturally diverse teams – what should we do with them?;
  • Tips for the international account manager;
  • Preparation for emigration;
  • Customized Workshops, focusing on specific countries, professions or industries


Globalizen’s workshops are interactive, energetic and based on best practices. Although all content is based on sound theory, we impart the information in the form of anecdotes, examples, visuals and input from the participants themselves.

Workshops are always taught by trainers with extensive personal experience in doing business across cultures. They have obtained and improved their intercultural skills through trial and error. They enjoy sharing their – often hilarious – experiences with you.


Globalizen stands for flexibility and clarity

Although the workshops are carefully designed to pass on knowledge in the shortest possible time; none of our programs are rigid. We will always discuss with you first exactly what you (and the participants) want to achieve with the workshop. Together we will determine the learning objectives and these are included in our agreement. The content of the workshop will be tailored to your goals, no problem. This way we ensure maximum effect of our workshops.






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